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Working for Sognabær 2012

Sognabær will employ about 130 seasonal workers for the 2012 season, most of the workers to help us with harvesting raspberries and strawberries, but also a few workers for other work on the farms. Most of our employees are from Poland, and some from Latvia and Lithuania.

In the main season, from about July 1st to August 25th, the working hours per day can be long.
Normally we start the work between 05:00 and 08:00, depending on the picking season and the weather.

In Sognabær, almost all the plants are inside poly tunnels, so no matter what kind of weather we have, you will always remain dry.

We have accommodations for all our workers, with everything you need of machines, like washing machine, oven, coffee machine, cold storage and more.
We also have blankets and pillows, and organize sheets for your bed, costing you NOK 35,- /week.

You have to bring your own working cloths, towels, rain cloths, good working shoos and rain boots.

If you feel young, strong, have the capability to do a mans work, are able to work in all kind of weather conditions, than we are interested to hear from you.

Pay conditions and other details on request.



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